Critical Listener

Why do Critically Certified home theaters require quality amplifiers? Because the digital age has dramatically changed amplifier technology - for the worse! The technology got better (much better in fact), but amplifiers have gotten worse.

Why? Manufacturers use cheap power supplies to keep costs down, then rate their products without loads so they can slap a 100 watt sticker on a 5 watt amplifiers. (1) Most shocking is that numerous speakers will put most Sony and Pioneer receivers into auto-shutdown mode to protect them from overheating.

Do you really want the sound to stop during the most exciting part of a movie?

Make an appointment and bring in your favorite music or most demanding movie and listen for yourself. You will be shocked by how much reserve power and detailed amplification a quality A/V receiver can produce - at a reasonable cost.

(1) Sherwood RD-7503 [Rated @ 100 watts/channel; Real world tests: 5.2 watts] LINK: 5.2 Watts

Yamaha RXV-1900