Critical Listener
Critical Certification

  Level 1 $575
(Free w/system purchase)
Advanced Price is variable
Speaker Location†
Center Channel equal distance from seats as front speakers x x
Front Speakers 22°- 30° from Center Channel (if possible without creating off-screen effects) x x
Side speakers at 90°-110° from Center channel x x
Rear speakers at 135°-150° from Center channel x x
Subwoofer placed in optimal bass position, based upon room dimensions x x
Sitting Location
All seating positions between 60°- 45° from front speakers x x
Seating positions as far from side and rear speakers as possible x x
Listening position never equal to ½ ceiling height x x
Equipment Matched to Room
Speaker efficiency and amplifier power matched to room size x x
Maximum sound pressure level able to produce 105 db x x
Display lumen level compensates ambient light level x x
Equipment Calibration
Ensure polarity of speakers is set correctly x x
Set Reference Level of System to 85 db (optional) x
Frequency response from 20hz to 20khz at seating position within 3 db from any two adjacent octaves¹ (optional) x
Treat first and second order room reflections (optional) x
Reduce ambient noise level below 30 db ¹ (optional) x
RT60 Noise Decay – ensure noise levels fall 60db between 30 milli-seconds and 39 milli-seconds (optional) x
Calibrate Display using AVIA test patterns x
ISF Calibration of Display (optional) x
(optional) FREE

† The Critical Listener will specify the location if there is no pre-existing table, stand or mount for the speakers
¹ Some items may cost significant extra amounts if construction and materials are required. Final decision will always be up to the customer