Critical Listener
When you've decided to build a home theater in your house, don't leave room design to chance. Any designer can make your theater look fantastic, but few have the acoustic training the Critical Listener has, to make your room SOUND fantastic. 

With a dedicated room designer on staff, we can give you ideas and options that few Interior Designers could imagine.

Should you already have a trusted Interior Designer, we are more than happy to sit down and give them the necessary paramaters required for good room design.

Make sure your designer understands the following principles:
* Which colors appear black in low light
* Best methods to deal with ambient light
* The difference between a diffuser and an absorber
* What carpets have good sound characteristics
* How to deal with poor room dimensions
* Types of ceilings and their impact on sound

Most Interior Designers are wonderful at making a room look attractive, but they don't know about acoustics and video, which often leads to bright rooms and lots of reflective surfaces (e.g. windows) that can't be treated.
Home Theater Design