Critical Listener

Why do the Blu-Ray players we carry cost more than a
Wal-Mart special? It's all digital, right? Yes, but we don't sell players that whine so loud while spinning a disc that guests ask if air is leaking out of your heating system. We also ensure that the player we sell use DACS (Digital to Analog Converters) that ensure true 1080p quality all the way to your display.

Poorly designed players will 'leak' electronic signals creating static and distortion in the image. According to THX, "can result in audio/video errors that can distract you from the performance"
Source: THX Blu-Ray

Considering we sell quality Blu-Ray player as low as $189, it's a big mistake to save $80 when you're display costs so much more. After all, why did you bother buying a 1080p display anyway?
Panasonic Blu-Ray