Critical Listener
sv = e + r3

This is the formula for sound and video
(sound & video = equipment + room 3)

Great sound and video has a lot more to do with your room than it does with your equipment.  Your listening room (home theater) is exponentially more important to your listening and viewing experience than your equipment.

That doesn't mean that good equipment doesn't matter - it does!  But the room is more important.  No matter how good your equipment is, it will sound bad in a poorly designed room.  Just imagine what $100,000 worth of equipment would sound like in an unfinished basement of concrete walls echoing every sound.  Most people choose a room for their home theater that isn't much better.  Great equipment and equalizers just can't compensate for room reverberations, poor speaker placement and inadequate acoustic treatments.

On the other hand, a modest $3,000 system can sound very good in a well designed room.
Here are the eight criteria we ask all our clients before we recommend any equipment:
1. Ambient Light - Helps determine display type

2. Room length - Determines size of display required

3. Seating position - Location of speakers and speaker style

4. Room materials - Determines absorption/diffusion needed

5. Ambient Sound - Determines acoustic Isolation needs

6. Storage and inhabitants - Determines remote control needs

7. Room layout - Determines type of surround speakers

8. Room size in cubic feet - Power requirements

The Critical Listener is either certified by or a member of the following organizations, so you can rest assured your equipment will sound its best in your room.
HAA       AES