Critical Listener

Speakers are the FIRST component you should buy not the last. They are the SOUL of any system, regardless of cost. Don't fool yourself that sound quality doesn't matter, once you hear your music or movies on decent speakers, you'll never go back to low quality, over priced Bose speakers again.

* Can your amplifier drive a 4 ohm speaker?

* Does your amp have enough power?

* Where is your listening position in relation to the speakers?

* What's the size of your room? The best small speakers will never fill a large room and the best big speakers will be a waste of money in a small room.

Don't settle for 1/2 a system (beautiful video but lousy sound).

The Critical Listener will never sell you the wrong speakers. If your current dealer isn't asking you the above questions, they are only interested in selling you equipment, not in delivering you an outstanding A/V experience.
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